What is Chemotherapy?

Chemotherapy is the treatment of cancer with special drugs that destroy cancer cells. These drugs go into the bloodstream and are carried to cancer cells anywhere in the body. Chemotherapy for breast cancer patients usually lasts 3-5 months.

Chemotherapy drugs can be given by mouth, by injection, or by infusion into a vein. Treatments can be received in a hospital, a clinic or a doctor's office. Many different drugs are used in chemotherapy and your Doctors will decide which drug or groups of drugs to use depending on the type of cancer you have.

Because chemotherapy affects any cell that is in the process of multiplying, normal cells may also be damaged, but usually to a lesser degree. One of the most feared side effects of chemotherapy is nausea. Fortunately there are many effective medications now which have been developed to greatly reduce the severity, and can even prevent them altogether in some patients. Other side effects can be hair loss, changes in weight and appetite, and menopausal symptoms. Most side effects are temporary and will go away after the chemotherapy is finished.

Benefits of Wearing the SOFTEE® During Chemotherapy

During chemotherapy treatment women can feel more tired than usual, and may chose to limit activities for the days following treatment. For exceptional comfort and confidence during and after chemotherapy treatments many women choose to wear the SOFTEE® Vee. The Active Wear SOFTEE®, available in three colors, are non-binding, easy to step into, and offer adjustable breast forms for restored shape. The high quality stretch laces and memory fabric always provides a perfect fit even with minor weight fluctuations.

What Women Say About the SOFTEE®

"[The SOFTEE®] was a thoughtful, self-esteem boosting comfortable garment that allowed me to feel pretty leaving the hospital and more myself recouperating expecially awaiting the chemotherapy and radiation therapy to come. Thank you thank you!"


“I was delighted to receive such a wonderful garment that I could wear now, while waiting for radiation and chemo and afterwards [for] reconstruction. I love your products, they are so comfortable. Thank you.”

--GS -- SC