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What is the SOFTEE® Roo? Why would I need this post mastectomy undergarment? What if I am too sore to wear anything?  
The SOFTEE® Roo recovery camisoles are designed specifically for the patient to wear immediately after breast surgery and throughout healing, usually 4-6 weeks, until a weighted prosthesis and bra can be worn. Designed by a breast cancer survivor, this comforting camisole restores shape and protects the tender incision area. The SOFTEE® Roo comfortably fits over bandages, has no inside seams or closures to irritate you, and is highly recommended by both physicians and hospitals.
How do I know what size I need?   
The SOFTEE® Roo is available in six sizes, each comes complete with two soft, poly-fil breast forms which are easily removed and adjusted to the correct size. The camisoles are sized according to standard dress or blouse sizing, so no measuring is necessary. Look at our sizing chart shown on each product page. If bilateral (both breasts removed), you may need to come down a size. The soft fabric hugs and molds to the contour of each individual body type. You may order SOFTEE® products on-line directly from our website or over the phone by calling 1-866-605-8585. Most of the time, SOFTEE® products will not require any special fitting. However, we always recommend a visit to your local retail boutique for a fitting once you and your doctor decide that you are ready. There you will be fitted for your weighted prosthesis and bra.
What if I am unable to lift my arm(s) to put on the SOFTEE® Roo, or to adjust the size of the breast forms?  
The SOFTEE® Roo is made from memory fabric and designed with stretch lace straps which allow you to step into the camisole, and pull it up. The garment will always hold it’s shape and continue to offer a soft yet secure fit. The breast form openings and adjustments are on the outside of the "SOFTEE"® Roo, so it is convenient to remove and adjust the poly fil forms while wearing the camisole, even with clothing over the top.
My doctor said I may still have drain tubes and a bulb when I go home, what do I do with them?   
The SOFTEE® Roo is designed with a 'roo' pocket on the front to discretely hold the drain bulb, eliminating any pulling or discomfort from the tubes. After your tubes are removed, the 'roo' pocket will lay flat.
Will Medicare and Insurance pay for my SOFTEE® Roo at the time of my surgery?   
The SOFTEE® Roo is Medicare approved and will likely be reimbursed in addition to your other post mastectomy products. The reimbursement amount will vary depending on which Medicare region you live in. Secondary Insurance will generally follow Medicare guidelines, and may pay the portion above the amount Medicare pays. If you are not Medicare age and have private insurance, check with your carrier to see how often and how much they will reimburse. Oftentimes, there is little or no out of pocket expense. Ask for the SOFTEE® Roo External Breast Prosthesis Garment, HCPC #L8015. Your local retailer may be able to help you with specific insurance questions and do the insurance billing for you.
Do I need a SOFTEE® Roo if I am having breast reconstruction?    
Many women find the SOFTEE® Roo helpful during the reconstruction process. The soft fabric provides comfort to tender areas and the poly-fil breast forms are adjustable throughout the expansion process.
How do I know which SOFTEE® is right for me?   
SOFTEE® Prosthetic Garments recreate shape following segmental, partial or full removal of the breast(s). Three of the SOFTEE® designs include two soft attachable breast forms which can easily be adjusted to the specific size and shape needed. Learn more about which SOFTEE® is right for you.
What do I do with the SOFTEE® Roo once I have been fitted with my prosthesis and bra?  
You will continue to appreciate the comfort and shape the SOFTEE® Roo offers, indefinitely. It is perfect for sleep, under a bathrobe and for leisure times when you choose not to wear your bra.
What is the difference between the SOFTEE® Roo and other similar designs?   
The SOFTEE® is the ORIGINAL and first prosthetic garment of its kind. It is the only prosthetic garment designed by a breast cancer survivor. Don’t settle for imitations. Make certain you ask for the Ladies First SOFTEE®, by name, because you deserve the very best!
Why hasn't my doctor mentioned the SOFTEE® Roo?   
Healthcare professionals who are familiar with the SOFTEE® Roo prescribe and highly recommend our garment, usually pre-surgery. Your physician may not be aware of this wonderful recovery camisole. Often women who have purchased a SOFTEE® Roo will wear it to their surgeons or oncologists office to demonstrate the features and share their satisfaction. This is a great way for you to educate and increase your doctors knowledge of the post-surgical options available to women. Your doctor may then choose to provide information about the SOFTEE® Roo to women under their care in the future.