Q & A for Retailers

Common Questions About Becoming a Retailer

To help retailers learn more about becoming Ladies First product dealers, we've put together some common questions and answers that we hope you'll find helpful. If you are interested in learning more about our products, visit our product pages.   If we didn't answer your question below, please contact us. 

I plan to open a post mastectomy fitting business. How do I begin?   
The first step to opening your own fitting business is do some research. Visit local hospitals, mammography and radiation facilities, nurses, oncologists and surgeons. Ask how many mastectomies, breast reconstruction surgeries and lumpectomies are done annually. Keep in mind there are large numbers of one, five, ten and even twenty year survivors who will also require your services. This will help you determine the size of your future customer base and also help you when ordering your initial inventory.
How do I become a provider for Medicare and private insurance companies?   
You must apply to become a Medicare Provider in your specific region. For information call CMMS (formerly HCFA) - NATIONAL SUPPLIER CLEARINGHOUSE at 1-866-238-9652. When accepted you will be given a provider number, this process may take up to six months to complete. Ask local physicians which insurance companies and HMO's they work with. Write a letter of interest addressed to the Contracting Department of each. They may require that you provide a copy of your business license, certifications and a retail price list.
How much inventory will I need? How do I determine which products to order?   
Are you going to specialize in post mastectomy bras and prosthesis and SOFTEE® recovery camisoles only? Do you plan to offer complementary lines such as swimwear, wigs, hats & Caps, lingerie, skincare products, lymphedema sleeves? It is a good idea to start out small, with a few products and styles in every size until you determine what the preference and demand is. Add additional lines slowly as you build your customer list and beware of manufacturers who require you to sign contracts for large quantities of product. Ladies First has no minimum order requirement.
Why should I carry Ladies First products?   

Our customer service team is knowledgeable and helpful.

After over twenty years of service we are still listening to what women want, need and ask for.

Am I required to have special training or a certificate to fit post mastectomy products?   
Ladies First does not require that you are a certified fitter since we do not sell any weighted prostheses. However, some manufacturers will require that you are certified. You may contact the Board for Orthotist/Prothetist Certification (BOC) at 877-776-2200 or visit, for more information about their Certified Mastectomy Fitter Program.
How do I open up an account with Ladies First?   
We make it very easy for you to establish an account. Learn more about becoming a dealer
Which style is best for my customer?   

All of our SOFTEE® camisoles are covered by Medicare, many HMOs, PPOs, and private insurance companies. Each style is uniquely designed to meet the various needs of women at different stages in her life, from recovery, throughout healing, and beyond into long term survivorship. All designs offer the comfort, restored shape and confidence the SOFTEE® is named for. One of our lightweight styles will be the perfect answer for comfort with confidence, whether during her hospital stay, or later as an alternative for sleep, leisure, work and recreation as she returns to a busy and active lifestyle.

SOFTEE® Camisoles

When you detail your local healthcare community and leave SOFTEE® brochures stamped with your business information, women will have the opportunity to come to your store before surgery. For this customer, the SOFTEE® Roo Recovery Camisole with 'Roo' pocket to store the post surgical drains is the best option to meet her immediate post operative needs.

If you see the customer after surgery and healing, you may suggest the SOFTEE® Vee which is a comfortable choice for leisure times, and is available in three beautiful color choices of white, beige and black.

For the patient going through the stages of breast reconstructive surgery, the SOFTEE® Roo Recovery Camisole offers her the option to conveniently adjust the size of the poly-fil breast form as needed, to maintain a balanced and natural appearance. This SOFTEE® comes with the 'Roo' pocket to store the surgical drains, and one soft breast form. Additional breast forms for bilateral surgeries are sold separately.

We recommend that you carry a full inventory of styles in every size in order to accommodate the immediate needs and requests of all your customers.