Radiation Therapy

What is Radiation Treatment?

In radiation therapy high energy rays are used to destroy cancer cells by injuring their ability to multiply. Treatments are generally given during daily clinic visits over a 6-8 week period of time. Each radiation treatment takes about 2-3 minutes. Radiation treatment is not painful, and it does not make the patient radioactive.

One of the most common side effects of radiation therapy are skin changes. You may notice that your treatment area may begin to look reddened, irritated, sunburned or tanned. After a few weeks you may experience dry skin. Your doctor will explain other side effects of radiation therapy and what you can expect.

The Benefits of Wearing a SOFTEE® During Radiation Treatment

It is important to avoid further irritation of the treated skin, and recommended that you not wear tight fitting clothing over the area. The SOFTEE® Vee, and Active Wear SOFTEE® will be most beneficial throughout your treatments, and will be more comfortable than wearing a bra. The cotton blend SOFTEE® fabrics will offer gentle comfort, with the assurance of a natural and balanced appearance.

There are many products designed specifically to address sensitive skin during and after treatment. Ask your physician to recommend an appropriate, hypoallergenic skincare line, and non-metallic brand deodorants. Your certified mastectomy fitter may also offer over the counter products that are helpful.

If you would like to read personal testimonials from other women who found comfort and confidence by wearing the SOFTEE® visit our testimonial page.

What Women Say About the SOFTEE®

"It [SOFTEE®] was so soft that it didn't irritate my stitches across my breast or under my arm. I highly recommend it for anyone that's had breast cancer surgery. I'm still using my SOFTEE during my six and a half weeks of radiation. I find the SOFTEE is more comfortable against my skin. It also helps alleviate the irritation that is caused by radiation."


“This is a wonderful garment – when I am so sore from Radiation. I wish I’d have known about the SOFTEE® earlier.”

--EH -- Kansas

“I was delighted to receive such a wonderful garment that I could wear now, while waiting for radiation and chemo and afterwards [for] reconstruction. I love your products, they are so comfortable. Thank you.”

--GS -- SC

"I LOVE IT! The SOFTEE TWO will keep me warm until I am through with radiation."

--HC -- NE

“Wish I’d known about your products when I first had my surgery. They [SOFTEE] would have been most helpful and more comfortable, especially when I was burned from radiation.”

--JF -- California

“Radiation made my skin so sensitive that I could not tolerate a bra. This camisole [SOFTEE®] made dressing for the office so much easier and much more comfortable."

--LCP -- Massachusetts

"SOFTEE® is real soft and comfortable. I just started (3 weeks) radiation. I have four more weeks. I can only wear SOFTEE®. Thank You."


“A minimum amount of tissue was taken during my lumpectomy, so I am wearing the SOFTEE as a garment for radiation treatments. It is very comfortable and very pretty. Thank you so much.”

--PA -- Michigan

"Thank goodness for these SOFTEE®s. Before I found them I used to go without for the doctor didn't want me to wear a prosthesis since I had been radiated so much."

--YS -- Louisiana