Which SOFTEE® Suits you Best?

1. Surgical Biopsy

The doctor surgically removes some breast tissue or fluid for testing. This kind of biopsy is usually done as a hospital outpatient.

The SOFTEE® Roo is recommended when you are tender and unable to wear a bra, especially if surgical drains are required. The step-into convenience and ability to customize the soft breast form(s) for a balanced appearance make this SOFTEE® a comforting option during healing.

2. Lumpectomy

This surgery (also called a partial or segmental) is the surgical removal of the cancerous lump. Only the tumor and a small amount of surrounding tissue are removed, leaving most of the breast intact. Some of the lymph glands in the armpit may also removed through a separate incision.

If surgical drains are present, your choice may be the SOFTEE® Roo with 'Roo' pocket to accommodate the surgical drains. When not being used, the 'Roo' pocket lays flat against the abdomen. For those women who are tender and not comfortable wearing a bra and do not require the 'Roo' pocket, the Original SOFTEE® Vee is a comfortable and practical selection. Both of these SOFTEE® styles include two light weight, adjustable breast forms which offer shape, comfort and a protective cushion over the tender surgical area.

3. Mastectomy

Modified Radical Mastectomy - In this procedure the entire breast and some or all lymph glands in the armpit are removed.

For this surgery your first choice should be the SOFTEE® Roo. Designed with the unique 'Roo' pocket to comfortably and discretely store the surgical drains, the Roo is cut slightly lower under the arm for maximum comfort while healing. Breast form adjustments are conveniently located on the outside of the garment. The soft poly-fil breast forms are easily adjusted and can be positioned to create a balanced appearance while wearing the camisole. If possible and your insurance allows, purchase your SOFTEE® prior to being admitted to the hospital. With your physicians approval you may wear your SOFTEE® immediately following surgery. You will appreciate the restored shape, balanced appearance, security, and comfort the SOFTEE® offers during your stay in the hospital, going home, and throughout your six to eight weeks of recovery.

4. Mastectomy with Surgical Breast Reconstruction

Implants (non-flap) - Breast like mounds are placed under the skin or muscle to create a new breast.

Complete Breast Replacement (flap) - Replacement of breast and nipple by using muscle and tissue from other parts of the body.

The SOFTEE® Roo Camisole is ideal for accommodating the changes you will experience throughout the steps of recreating the breast(s). As your new tissue is constructed, the soft breast form(s) can be adjusted accordingly to even out the asymmetry of the breasts, offering a balanced and natural look. The SOFTEE® Roo with 'Roo' pocket safely and securely manages the post-surgical drains and then lays flat when no longer needed. 

5. Radiation Treatment

High energy xrays are used as a primary treatment to destroy early tumors, or after surgery, to destroy any remaining cancer cells.

For comfort and convenience during radiation therapy many women choose to wear the SOFTEE® Vee. The stretch lace straps and soft giving fabric allow the camisole to be pulled down to the waist for treatments and doctor exams. Designed without seams, hooks or closures, there is no irritation to the tender chest wall. The two soft breast forms provide soothing protection under clothing. One or both breast forms can easily be removed and adjusted if tissue loss is minimal as in biopsy or lumpectomy. Read more about radiation treatment

6. Other Applications for SOFTEE® Camisoles

  • Ongoing leisure garment for home and sleep
  • Comfort during chemotherapy treatments including IVs, portable catheter, and low energy levels. Read more about chemotherapy treatment
  • Protection and comfort following thoracic surgical procedures, like heart surgery
  • Comforting for skin irritations such as excema, psoriasis, hives, etc.
  • Shingles
  • Convenient and comforting for lymphedema patients